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Harmonix offers a modern approach to accounting.

What do we mean by that? We blend comprehensive accounting services with strategic assessment and financial system strategy for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.

As numbers experts, we do the detailed work that, frankly, you'd probably rather not do.

(We happen to love it.) But our services go well beyond the spreadsheet. From business formation through expansive growth, we bring clarity, ease and efficiency to your financial operations, so you feel empowered to make grounded and informed financial decisions in alignment with your business and personal values.

In sum: We offer empowered solutions for growth.

Our Services

  • Compliance Bookkeeping
  • Regular Accounting Cycle Work
  • QuickBooks Setup and Consulting
  • Process Improvement and Optimization
  • Historical Bookkeeping Cleanup
  • Internal Managerial Accounting
  • Billing Systems
  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Filings
  • Control and Procedure Documentation
  • Customized Financial Reporting
Financial Coaching and Consultation

Through personalized financial consulting, we help you assess the bigger picture from a budgetary, planning and spending perspective. Most importantly, we help translate the numbers side of your business into everyday language to give you insight into your financial picture, so you feel confident, secure and in control of your money. For many small business owners, money is a source of anxiety. It's part of our job to change that.


With deep experience in business operations and management, we offer remote, fractional controller services to a select number of clients.

Our Clients

We specialize in working with creative entrepreneurs, startups and socially responsible, service-based businesses – motivated people doing good things in the world. Many of our clients simply need a more efficient and cost-effective way to run their accounting processes. Others rely on us to assess and guide their financial systems and strategies, from budgets and spending to accounting and planning.

A Mindful Approach to Money

Business owners often face mental and emotional blocks around "the numbers." At Harmonix, we love helping people understand the impact of their spending and how to align their money with their values. In fact, we think of our work as a form of financial stewardship. It relies on mutual trust – and it's a role we take seriously.

The Good Stuff: Results

We excel at engineering functional and effective accounting and information systems and reducing the pain points that come with lack of infrastructure in new or small businesses. From providing accurate and timely financial statements that reduce your dependence on your CPA, to helping you align your money with your business goals, we work with your outcomes in mind.

Words From the Wise

Working with Susie makes me a better therapist and coach. Money holds so much energy and Susie and her team organize money so that ease becomes your new partner. I can’t recommend her enough.

~ Lisa Pepper-Satkin, Executive Therapeutic Coach

Harmonix took the pain out of understanding finances, projections and organizing all money elements of company. They get to know what is important to you and address it in addition to making talking about money painless. Susie is a gem, wonderful to work with and has become a friend. She is a true business partner and I would trust her with with anything

~ Candra Canning, Live Bright Now

Stands out - it's an ongoing quality - Susie is willing to roll up her sleeves and encourage/push me to get the important shit done. There's a way of emphasizing the urgency of specific tasks and goals without it feeling bossy or nagging. There's nothing arrogant, egotistical or intimidating about her or her approach. She's right there with you, armed with humor and kindness - with a twist of drill sergeant build in. Very happy with our working relationship.

~ Jason Bodenheimer, Bay Area Transparent Technologies

We could not be happier with our relationship with Susie and Harmonix! They are a group that you can trust has the skill, integrity and ability to handle everything on the bookkeeping side of your business. The service is professional, efficient and timely. The company also is proactive in helping you "see around corners" you may not be aware of to help you further optimize all area of your P&L.

~ Justin & Liza Esayian

They really know their stuff and are incredibly efficient and effective. The Harmonix team is prompt, responsive, thorough, detail oriented, accommodating. Also Susie herself is an absolute delight to work with.

~ Daniela Tempesta, The Tempesta Group

Thorough, timely, knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with, Susie has made bookkeeping easy and taken a huge burden off of our family so we can focus on big-picture financial well-being.

~ Craig & Alison Vercruysse

Susie is responsive and proactive. I can sometimes forget things, but she always remembers. I like that she will take the initiative to contact my accountant at important times of year, and that she reminds me when there's something I need to do.

~ Rosalind Iiams, Author

The team at Harmonix is super approachable and professional. Great response time. I am new at my role, and I appreciate that I am never made to feel inadequate by what I don't know. I feel fortunate to have Harmonix as a team player for our company. Thank you to Susie for her great support!

~ Brian & Tina Deason, Deason Tile
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We love working with money.

Of course, it's not about the money itself. It's about what you can do with money to support the growth of your business and the causes you believe in. (Like land conservation, the arts and... need it be said? Beer.)

As a socially and environmentally conscious, woman-owned business, we believe you vote with your dollars. Where you spend and invest your money is a powerful way of voting each day to support local communities, fair wages and a healthy planet. That's the driving force behind Harmonix.