About Us

Harmonix founder Susie Sullivan has been working in accounting for more than 15 years. An entrepreneur at heart, she created Harmonix from the understanding that everything revolves around small business. By empowering our clients with insight and information that supports the growth of their business, we also empower them to support the causes they believe in.

As a socially and environmentally conscious, woman-owned business, we believe you vote with your dollars. Where you spend and invest your money is a powerful way of voting each day to support local communities, fair wages and a healthy planet. That's the driving force behind Harmonix.

Our Core


The Harmonix Team

Susie Sullivan


Harmonix Founder

A native of Page, Arizona, Susie grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Her interest in helping small business owners came from working in her dad’s boat shop and other small businesses around town. Susie realized her facility with numbers was a skill she could share to help others discover how they could grow and operate with greater ease. Susie furthered her interest in finance by earning a BS in Accounting from Portland State University.  

Contrary to the dry accountant stereotype (Not us!), Susie has a strong creative spirit. An experienced pianist, instructor and vocalist, she's also a certified yoga instructor and an aviation science enthusiast. She is passionate about environmental conservation and avian welfare and dedicates every Monday to volunteering in Bird Alliance of Oregon's Wildlife Care Center.

As an extension of her work with Harmonix, Susie works directly with environmental and avian-conservation focused organizations and serves on the board of directors for Bird Alliance of Oregon, The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, and Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon.

When not spending time with her husband Austin and two parrots Sammie and Pippin, she snowboards at Mount Hood and dances as much as humanly possible.


Alexa Pena


Alexa has a passion for assisting clients to ensure that they feel confident and understand their finances. She holds a bachelor's degree in finance with some focus in accounting from The State University of New York at Plattsburgh and has experience working with small businesses, nonprofits, and large corporations. In her free time, Alexa loves to paint portraits and cook for her friends and family.


Giving Back

Time: The Biggest Investment of All

We invest our time in entities we truly believe in. Susie serves as the treasurer for Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon (EBR) and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). She fosters exotic birds through EBR and volunteers weekly with Portland Audubon's Wildlife Care Center, where you’ll find Harmonix listed among the organization’s Business Alliance. To keep it nerdy, Susie supports budding accounting students within Portland Aerospace Society, a student-run group of future aerospace engineers who build ultra-low-cost, open source rockets with sophisticated rocket avionics systems. (Told you we aren't boring!)